Love passes, love is warm

2017-01-16 10:11:59 浙江三维大通精锻科技有限公司 Viewd 4200

"Employees love the company, the company cares for the employees; if the employees are in need, we can help everyone." A positive energy of love has recently passed through the company.

In October of this year, the father of a young employee of the company was injured by an accident, and the operation has already saved the entire family's savings. After the news was gradually passed on among employees, the party branch, after investigating and researching in conjunction with the union and youth league committee, initiated a donation activity for the employee. After a day of love transmission, the total amount of love was over 20,000 yuan. The company leaders personally sent this loving money to the family members of the employee in time, and conveyed the good wishes of all employees.

This incident has caused different reactions among society and corporate employees. In fact, 3D companies have formed a very good atmosphere for caring donations. While developing the company, they don't forget to give back to the society and employees. Each year, special funds are used for charity.