In 2012

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In January, we were named as the urban enterprise of 2011. "Advanced unit" for safe production;

In January, 2011 urban enterprise science and technology innovation "advanced unit";

In February, it was awarded the 2011 annual output value of 100 million yuan industrial backbone enterprises.

In march, I was awarded the "advanced unit" of jiaxing labor relations harmonious enterprise;

In April, the haiyan "workers vanguard";

In June, it was awarded as the first priority party organization.

In June, it was awarded as the "demonstration enterprise" of jiaxing in 2011.

In September, I was awarded the "provincial high-tech enterprise research center" of automobile parts cold extrusion molding technology.

In October, I was named as the seventh "seventh person" of the overall team of the first full name of the town.

In November, I was awarded as the "demonstration enterprise" of science and technology innovation in jiaxing city.

In November, it was named as the "star of growth" of small and medium-sized enterprises in jiaxing city in 2012.